A single code carries two types of data: public and private.
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A single QR Code can carry public data and private data. The private data can be read only with a dedicated reader having the cryptographic key, which provides data protection. Since SQRC looks exactly the same as the regular QR Code, it can prevent forgery and tampering.

Difference between SQRC and QR Code

Conventional QR Code

The QR Code is space-saving and has a large capacity. However, since any device can read the same information, including private and classified information, it is not secure.

⇒All information is exposed on any device.


It is possible to make the information private by hiding it with a cryptographic key and to restrict the types of devices that can read the information, so that only certain persons can read it.

No additional encryption or decryption function is required.

⇒Only the specified people having the specified devices can read the information in the private area.
⇒No special data encryption or decryption software.
⇒The existence of the private information is hidden.

Use Scenes

Event facilities and Amusement Parks

Preventing forgery and tampering

Hospitals, etc.

Protecting and managing personal information

Delivery slips between companies

Using two information areas for internal and external uses

Sample Introductions

Handling mobile tickets

When purchasing a ticket on the Web using a mobile phone or PC, selecting a mobile ticket sends a ticket to the mobile phone.

Presenting the ticket to enter

Reading the SQRC with the dedicated reader for admission

Introduction Methods and Procedures

  • Generating SQRCs using the Q-revo service

  • Generating SQRCs with the SQRCmaker

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