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A next-generation QR Code with both design
flexibility and security
  • Features
  • Usage

This code has an area, or a frame, for holding an image. Since the shape and color of the frame can be changed flexibly, the code has a variety of applications.
[Potential Customers]
・We want to integrate a QR Code and an illustration.
・We want to make our QR Code stand out so that more people scan it.
・With only a black and white QR Code, you are not certain what it means.

Customer Advantages

The code can hold an image inside a frame that is flexible in terms of shapes.

Since the Q platform Server issues codes, security is ensured. The server also provides a reading function.

In addition to the features of the QR Code, error correction, Kanji/Kana representation, and 360-degree reading are provided.

Let's read FrameQR!

1. Download the dedicated reader "Q."

Click here to download.

2. Let's read various FrameQR.

  • Text display
  • Website display
  • Hologram
  • FrameQR・K

 Business Cards and Catalogs

Printing a FrameQR with your photo makes you more memorable and gives chances to start conversations with potential customers. FrameQR printed on business cards and catalogs also lead customer to the company’s web site.

 Anti-Forgery Measures and Traceability

A combination of a hologram and QR Code can be used for anti-forgery measures and traceability.


Business Cards and Catalogs

【Generating FrameQR】

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