What is a QR Code®?

QR Code® is a two-dimensional code developed by DENSO WAVE in 1994, and the most widely used in Japan.

Features of QR Code®

1. Representing a large amount of information with a small code

QR code® can represent various characters, including numbers, letters, Kanji, Kana, symbol binaries, and control codes.

2. Taking only a small physical space

Since QR Code® represents data in both vertical and horizontal directions, the amount of information held by a single bar code can be represented with a physical size approximately one tenth smaller.

3. Can be read from any direction (360º)

QR Code® can be read at high speeds from any direction. The three squares at three corners of a QR Code® enable stable and fast reading without the effects of background patterns.

4. Resistant to staining and damage

Since QR Code® has an error correction function, data can be recovered even in parts of the code that are stained or damaged.
* It could be impossible to recover data depending on the degree of the stain or damage.

QR Code® Types

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