What is a FrameQR?

A FrameQR is a QR Code with a canvas field that can be used freely in the code. Letters and images can be freely inserted into the canvas field, which is placed in the center of the code. Illustrations and photographs can be located in the code without damaging their design.

Features of FrameQR

Canvas area that can be freely used

The canvas area does not hinder reading the code. The shape of the area can be selected from existing patterns or freely specified. If necessary, the center position, size, and angle can be changed.

Sample Uses of FrameQR

Ad tool

A business card with a FrameQR® containing your photo can be used as an effective advertising tool.

Authentication checking code

A combination of a hologram and a FrameQR® enables authentication checking both visually and electronically.

Discount labels

By combining FrameQR® with image recognition technology, such as OCR, it is possible to append information to the original contents.

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