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Face Authentication SQRC
Information from facial feature points is QR-coded
to achieve safe and secure authentication
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    Development steps
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Face Authentication SQRC realizes easy, secure authentication

Face Authentication SQRC is an application that converts information on facial feature points into the compact SQRCdata format, achieving ID authentication with no need for a server or other equipment.

Face Authentication SQRC is beneficial particularly for customers who:

・Desire to introduce a face authentication security system with ease
・do not want to newly install a server or other equipment

Key difference from the typical method

Typical method Face Authentication SQRC
Security risk is high
because authentication is performed online.
Security risk is low
because authentication is performed offline and directly by the SQRC

and does not require personal information to be stored in a server.

Advantages of Face Authentication SQRC

・No server needed because authentication is performed offline
・Low risk of personal information leakage because no registration or management of face data in a server is required
・Speedy authentication
・Stable operation even when a network failure occurs
・Concealed authentication information

Application examples

Access control to a factory or other sites, which limits access to only those authorized

Access control to rooms where confidential information is handled

Enhancement of efficiency of the individual identification process at stores where the business involves receiving and paying cash, etc.

You can select an optimum application that best suits your desired system

You can select an optimum application for SQRC generation and authentication that best suits your desired equipment configuration and system.

Development steps

STEP 1.Decide on a system with an SIer

Decide on a system and the equipment configuration you wish to build.

STEP 2. Choose a package that best suits the system and equipment configuration chosen.

The following applications are available.

Product lineup Features OS
①Face Authentication SQRC Customization Tool DLL that will be embedded into the customer’s business application.
One DLL is needed for each business application.
※AndroidTM version DLL differs from the Windows® version DLL.
When using both OS, you need to purchase both versions of DLL even for the same business application.
(Cost of the two DLLs will be incurred.)
②Face Authentication SQRC Generation License ①A license required for activating the application created in ① above and generating Face Authentication SQRCs.
The license is necessary for each terminal used for generating SQRCs.
③Face Authentication SQRC Authentication License A license required for collating between SQRCs and photographed faces for authentication using the application created in ① above.
(The QR-coded feature values will be collated with those of the photographed faces.) The license is necessary for each terminal used for authentication.
④Face Authentication SQRC Generation
/Authentication License
A combined license that covers ② SQRC generation and ③ authentication above.
The license is required when a terminal is used for both SQRC generation and authentication.
The license is necessary for each terminal used.
⑤SQRC maker Software required for generating SQRCs.
The software needs to be purchased for each terminal used.
⑥SQRC Setting Software required for setting a key for SQRC reading (decryption code) for a handy terminal or a scanner that is used.
The software needs to be purchased for each terminal used.
Pay due consideration to the privacy of persons subject to the authentication process when introducing and implementing the face authentication technology.
Handle facial data (face photographs and facial feature data) carefully as personal information.
Explain to persons subject to the authentication process the purpose of using the face collation system, the data handling method, and other necessary matters concerning the system when introducing it.
Obtain agreement from persons subject to the authentication process when registering their facial data.
In the case of a large-scale system that handles a great volume of facial information, consider conducting a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA); and Although facial data (facial feature point information) used for offline authentication is encrypted and access to the data is restricted by SQRCs, make sure to handle the data carefully as personal information.

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