新闻 “RC8新控制器”公布 (英文)News Release Announces New RC8 Industrial Robot Controller — World’s Smallest in Class


News Release

DENSO WAVE Announces New RC8 Industrial Robot Controller — World’s Smallest in Class
~Complies with global safety standards, communicates with wide variety of industrial devices and software~

AICHI, Japan – DENSO WAVE announced that it has introduced the world’s most compact industrial robot controller in the 3kW output class. The new DENSO RC8 controller, which is 60 percent smaller than the company’s previous model, has a footprint of only 456 x 298 mm — approximately the size of a sheet of A3 paper — and a height of 94 mm.

The controller’s compliance with ISO and UL safety standards allows worldwide deployment. In addition, the controller features globally standard communications interfaces such as Ethernet/IP, Profibus and DeviceNet, and can communicate with over 100 different industrial devices using ORiN* open networking system.

The RC8 controller is scheduled to be released in May 2012, with an annual sales target of 10,000 units.

“Today’s marketplace requires industrial robots and controllers to be compact in order to downsize production equipment, as well as to meet worldwide safety standards and provide communications availability with various industrial devices and software,” said Ryoji Nagashima, the executive officer in charge of DENSO WAVE’s Industrial Robotics Division. “The performance specifications and functions of the RC8 controller have been developed to meet these market requirements.” ‬

The RC8 controller, along with DENSO robots, will be sold through DENSO’s sales companies, including DENSO Europe B.V., DENSO Sales California and others in Asia. In Japan, the robots will be sold through DENSO FA distributors.

Prior to its release, the new controller will be displayed at the International Robot Exhibition (IREX) world trade fair in Tokyo, Nov. 9–12, 2011.

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※ORiN (Open Robot/Resource interface for the Network) is a manufacturing application program platform for handling wider range of resources including robot and industrial devices (such as PLC, NC, and so on).