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Q-revo trace™
Traceability service using QR Code and smartphones
  • Features
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The distribution process, from the producer to consumers, is visualized by tracing using the QR Code and cloud.
The customers can easily check who produces the product, when the product was shipped and through what route it was transported, with their smartphones, raising reliability and sense of security.

Service Outline

By simply reading the QR Code at each stage of the process, the traceability information is accumulated and managed. Consumers can easily check the traceability information with their smartphones.


Preventing forgery and tampering

Illegal tampering is prevented with a FrameQR® and hologram that are issued under control. Traceability information raises the sense of safety and security of the product.

Simple system based on a cloud and smartphones

Costs can be reduced by managing traceability information with IT based on a cloud and smartphones. Since product data can be registered simply by reading it with a smartphone, the system can be introduced with ease.

Raising the brand value

Producers can provide consumers with their brand values, commitment and passion. Consumers can select products that carry senses of safety and security by identifying their producers.

Service Flow


(1)When shipping products, registers them by scanning the QR Code


(2)When receiving products, registers them by scanning the QR Code.

(3)When processing products, registers track records by scanning the QR Code.

(4)When packaging products, registers them by scanning the FrameQR Code with a hologram on the packaging material.

(5)When shipping, registers the destination of the shipment by scanning the FrameQR Code.

Shops and Consumers

(6)Check the traceability information by scanning the FrameQR Code with a hologram on the product.

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