Q-revo protection™
Checking authenticity with a QR code and smartphone
Cloud-type anti-forgery service
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Service Outline

A difficult-to-forge code with high security and traceability of creation and reading is realized using an independent code and cloud system, providing superior security at a low cost, improving brand trust and building a relationship of trust with consumers.

High security, independent code, and cloud monitoring

With a cloud system based on FrameQR and holograms, it is difficult to forge codes. Forgery is monitored by analyzing the read data.

Easy checking with a smartphone

The service can be implemented by attaching FrameQR on the products. Consumers can easily check the information. Linkage with mobile services is also possible.

Raising brand value

A relationship of trust with consumers can be built through linkage with promotions and events.

Relationship of services

Products are shipped with labels indicating FrameQR attached. Consumers can check the information by reading the codes. Illegal exporting can be monitored by checking a log whose data is automatically accumulated.

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