Teaching Pendants

Description of the main specification of DENSO Robots, Teaching pendants, Off-line software.

Teaching pendants
ItemTeaching pendantMini-pendant
Functions Programming (1)
Operating the
robot and teaching
Maintaining (2)
Display Liquid crystal
display with backlight
640×480 pixels
Liquid crystal
128×64 pixels
Power source DC24V(supplied from robot controller)
Outside dimensions 198 x 290 x 104mm(detail) 242 x 102 x 75mm(detail)
Degree of protection IP65
Weight 1.3Kg or less Approx. 0.3Kg
(excluding cables.)
Cable 4m、8m、12m
  1. Mini-pendant is not able to create and edit programs. WINCAPS II Light included with mini-pendant is available to do that.
  2. Mini-pendant is able to use the following maintenance functions.
    • (1)Performing CALSET
    • (2)Resetting the motor encoder data
    • (3)Setting the calendar clock built in the robot controller (Date setting)
    • (4)Setting the next battery replacement
    • (5)Releasing and locking brakes