About us

DENSO WAVE is a leading company of Automatic Data Capture, FA and Business Solution fields.

President & CEO explains our vision and future.

NEW WAVE opening the doors to endless possibilities, we provide 'Fulfillment' to our customers with our ultimate products and service.

DENSO WAVE provides solutions in all directions through production, logistics and any service businesses.

Basic information about DENSO WAVE such as locations, capital, sales, employees etc.

DENSO WAVE develops, designs and sells such as Bar Code Readers, 2D Code Readers, IC Card readers/writers for Automatic Data Capture, Robots for FA (Factory Automation) and Programmable Controllers to contribute productivity improvement in industrial fields.

We put CSR efforts into our business practices, setting it at our central point of management, as we are one of members of Denso Group Companies.

Presenting our Environmental Policies and Efforts.

To provide high-quality product timely for the customer

Presenting our related companies in charge of industrial businesses.