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6- Axis RobotsVS Series VS-068/087

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6- Axis Robots : VS Series VS-068/087

Faster, smaller, easier to use and beyond the norm

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■HIGH SPEED -World’s fastest in its class. Substantial improvements in productivity-

■COMPACT -Slim-design robot developed through pursuit of functionality and beauty-

・Maximum arm width: 235 mm
・Compact body yet with large operating range
・Connector panel orientation selected according to specific application conditions

■EASY-TO-USE -Substantially improved usability thanks to world’s first high density embedded wiring making possible a variety of installation methods-

・World’s first embedded wiring
 Arm ends accommodate installation of camera, servo gripper, high density sensor array etc.
・Floor-, ceiling- or wall-mount is available


・7 kg payload in all directions, the highest in its class
・Adaptable to perform complex, massive hand or double hand movements in all directions without limitation
・Increased range of small robot applications in processes and improved flexibility in equipment and hand design


・Protected type(IP67) for use in harsh environment
・Double-seal construction to exclude cutting fluid and chips
・Resistant to water-soluble cutting fluids