DENSO robotics Overview

What is DENSO robotics

DENSO initiated the development of robots in 1967, at the time when industrial robots were put into practical use in the U.S.. Striving to be the world leader in robotics, DENSO succeeded in developing robots for practical use by utilizing its original technology.

The robot utilization project in 1985 promoted wider robot use in DENSO by accelerating effective robot installation through the active exchange of robot Applications & Case studies know-how among the manufacturing sections. All of these efforts resulted in a rapid increase in robot installation. Consequently, in 2005, the number of robots in practical use in DENSO reached 15,000.

Thus, the DENSO robotics has evolved as one of the most effective means of automated production within DENSO. The high-speed, high-accuracy and highly-transferable DENSO robotics has evolved together with the history of DENSO through DENSO's practical experiences to demonstrate utilization.