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Emulation software to enable a wireless BHT to function as a terminal in online transaction processing (OLTP) run by AS/400, etc

BHT Term Emulator

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The Trial Edition of this software can be downloaded from QBdirect.

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Easy and simple system setup

You can directly use your existing online applications on the BHT as a terminal. You can reduce the costs of system implementation and maintenance, as any software development for the BHT is not required.

No need of complicated programming

Since network programming is not required to control the communication via socket interface and wireless communication, you can easily establish a very reliable system.

No need of relay server for connecting terminals

The BHT is designed to directly communicate with the host computer and does not require any additional relay server for the conversion of connection protocols. You can create the right BHT operating environment with only one BHT at a lower cost.

Supporting three types of terminal emulations

  • IBM 3278-2 (24 x 80 monochrome)
  • IBM 5251-11 (24 x 80 monochrome)
  • DEC VT52, VT100, VT220