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Communication/Charger/Power SupplyFor BHT-1300 BHT-OS


Communication/Charger/Power Supply

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For Handy Terminals:Communication/Charger/Power Supply

CU-1301 RS-232C+recharging

Ethernet communication+recharging

CU-1321 USB communication+recharging
CBBHT-US2000/C13-4A USB communication+recharging
The AC adapter and cables are optional.

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CommunicationBHT-hostCommunication system RS-232C(3) Ethernet(10BASE-TX)(3) USB2.1 Full Speed compliant(3) USB2.0 Full Speed compliant(3)
Battery chargercharge timeAC adapter

Standard battery:Approx.3hours

Thin battery:Approx.2 hours

Standard battery:


Thin battery:


USB charger


Standard battery:Apporox.7 hours

Thin battery:Apporox.4 hours

Size 109(D)×95(W)×111(H) 2.0m
Power supply AC adapter(AD2-1005/3000)(6) Connection target/AC adapter(AD2-1005/3000)(6) Supply from the connection
  1. Connection may not be possible depending on the type of PC or USB-HUB being used. Prior confirmation of compatibility is required. The AC/DC adapter (sold separately) is required when attempting to recharge the battery while the connected device is turned off or in suspend mode, or when power supply from the connected device is not possible.
  2. Charge time may vary according to the power supply capability of the connected device. Charge time is 3 hours when using the AC/DC adapter.
  3. Cables are optional.
  4. When BHT-1300 is connected to PC.
  5. The BHT-1300 can be charged by connecting to a USB charger or other power adapter. When charging the BHT-1300, use a power adapter that satisfies the following output and USB charging specifications.
  6. The AC adapter is optional.