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Communication/Charger/Power SupplyFor BHT-1200


Communication/Charger/Power Supply

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For Handy Terminals:Communication/Charger/Power Supply


RS-232C/USB communication

+recharging+spare battery charging


Ethernet communication

+recharging+spare battery charging

CBBHT-US1800/C12-4A USB communication
※The AC adapter is optional.

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Transmission method RS-232C/USB2.0 Full Speed compliant(2) Ethernet(100BASE-TX)(2) USB 2.0 Full Speed compliant(2)
Charging time(main unit) Backup battery: Approx. 3hours, large capacity battery: approx. 4.5 hours
Pre-charge Backup battery: Approx. 3hours, large capacity battery: approx.4.5 hours -
Size 133(D)×97(W)×101(H) 1.8m
Power supply AC adapter(AD3-1012/3000-02)(3) -
  1. The BHT-1200 can be charged by connecting to a USB charger or other power adapter. When charging the BHT-1200, use a poweradapter that satisfies the following output and USB charging specifications.
    Output specifications: (voltage) DC5±0.25 V/(current) 1.2 A or higher USB charging specification: Battery Charging Specification Rev. 1.2
  2. Cables are optional.
  3. The AC adapter is optional.