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Even blots or smears can't stand in the way of scanning with the new scan engine"Advanced Scan Plus" that matches performance of laser type scanners.


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IEEE802.11b/g/n Bluetooth
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IEEE802.11b/g/n Bluetooth

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Scan performance

Even blots or smears can't stand in the way of scanning with the new scan engine "Advanced Scan Plus" that matches performance of laser type scanners.

Advanced Scan Plus Advantage 1

High-speed scanning

  • The unique CCD method "Advanced Scan" has been evolved, achieving approximately three times the speed of laser type scanners.
  • Stress-less quick scanning of continuous barcodes during inspection leads to reduced operation time.

Maximum scanning depth of 1,300mm

Maximum scanning depth of 1,300mm

  • From scanning at close to far distances, can scan up to 1,300mm away.(1)
  • From floor to ceiling, easily scan without having to change positions.

Strong against blots or smears

  • Quick and accurate scanning even when barcodes are partially not visible or dirty by reading the barcode in 2-dimensions rather than as lines.B120
  • In addition to barcodes in poor condition, high density and wide barcodes can also be read.

Application Example

Where can BHT-1100 be useful?

Picking in the backyard.

Picking in the backyard.

With the high-resolution, 3.5 inch large screen display, information on the screen is smooth and eyes don't fatigue even after long terms of use.

Storage inventory management

Storage inventory management

Even with stock shelved from the floor to ceiling, scan info on the spot without the hassle of stepladders, and shorten the time required for operation.

Inspection within the store

Inspection within the store

The large screen which allows excellent operability with much of the information necessary on one screen, reduce the time required for inspection despite masses of products.

Ordering within the store

Ordering within the store

With the wide coverage area and stable transmission speed of wireless both on-site or in large stores, orders can be made and inventor+B207y managed stress-free.

  1. JAN-13 (bar width 0.33mm) = Approx. 640mm ITF (bar width 1.0mm)= Approx.1,300mm

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