Problem with traceability

  • -When a customer inquires about the raw materials of a food product, a great deal of time used to be required to investigate the identities of them.

Deployment Overview

Detailed data on raw materials are turned into QR codes, and labels bearing them are affixed to boxes containing the raw materials when they are delivered to a factory of the client company.

When the raw materials are received, their QR codes are read in. In the production process, QR codes on a production instruction and those for subdivided raw materials are read in when raw materials are to be poured in a machine together.

When products are stored in a warehouse or shipped out from it, QR codes are also read in to manage FIFO control and product history.

Advantageous effects of introducing the system

  • -Information on raw materials and a history of product processing and shipping can be obtained swiftly.
  • -Corporate image can be enhanced if its responses are swift.

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