Problems with production process control

  • -It used to be impossible to answer accurately an inquiry about a delivery time because it took time to grasp the progress status of production.Operation reports used to be filled -in with handwritings, making it time-consuming to input the data contained in them to a PC.

Deployment Overview

Before production operations begin, the QR codes on an operation instruction are read in. Pieces of information read in are uploaded to a production process server in real-time.

Advantageous effects of introducing the system

  • -Detailed information on lead time and man-hours required for a process is clarified, making it possible to grasp the progress status for each process. Based on these, it is possible to answer an inquiry about the delivery time accurately.
  • -Since an accurate production operation history can be retained, tracing of product history can be managed based on it, and any problem with a product can be responded swiftly.

2D Code Handy Terminal (Compact Models)


2D Code Handy Terminal (High Spec Models)


2D Code Handy Terminal (Large Models)


2D Code Handy Terminal (Standard Models)