Problem with picking task

  • -Since matching of actual items with data on a shipping instruction is carried out with eyesight alone, mistakes are made.

Deployment Overview

A list of QR codes for shipping items to be picked out that is made from a shipping instruction is read in with a handheld terminal unit to register the data for picking. Items are picked out following instructions displayed on the terminal unit by matching with codes on the labels affixed to the shipping boxes for the items. When a code for an item not to be shipped out is read in, an error sound is emitted, and a vibrating response is made from the terminal, notifying the worker.

Advantageous effect of introducing the system

  • -By changing the conventional method of picking out items with eyesight to the code matching method, the burden on workers and the time required for the task can be reduced.
  • -When an item is picked out erroneously, a notifying sound is emitted, thereby eliminating mistakes.

2D Code Handy Terminal (Compact Models)


2D Code Handy Terminal (Compact Models)


2D Code Handy Terminal (High-spec Models)


Barcode Handy Terminal (High-spec Models)


Barcode Handy Terminal (Large screen Models)


Barcode Handy Terminal (Large screen Models)