Problem with inventory management

  • -Each time a customer asks for the availability of a product sold out at the storefront, a store clerk used to run down to the store’s backyard to check the number of units in inventory, making this task time-consuming.

Deployment Overview

A product sought after by a customer is sold out at the storefront. The barcode for the product is read in from the store shelf to place a query to the inventory database. The customer is told the inventory status for the product or a planned shipment date for it.

Advantageous effects of introducing the system

  • -Store clerks can tell the customer whether or not product units are in inventory in real-time without running down to the backyard.
  • -Store clerks can explain about a product sold out at the storefront by displaying it on the barcode reader’s screen, increasing the satisfaction of the customer.

Barcode Handy Terminal (High-spec Models)