Problems with inspection of delivered items

  • -Since workers have to match items on a shipping list with actually delivered items with their eyes, the job usually takes up a great deal of time
  • -Since it sometimes is difficult to distinguish similar items with eyesight alone, workers often make mistakes.

Deployment Overview

Barcodes on a shipping slip are read in. Records on a list of items to be delivered are acquired by a handheld terminal unit. The barcode on each delivered item is read in to compare it to the corresponding record in the list of items to be delivered.

Advantageous effects of introducing the system

  • -Since the job is reduced to reading of barcodes alone, the time required for it can be cut down drastically.
  • -Items similar in their appearances can be distinguished easily, realizing an accurate inspection.

Barcode Handy Terminal (Compact Models)


Barcode Handy Terminal (Large Screen Models)