Problems with Dispensing

  • -Mistakes may be made in preparing a medicine when designated medicines are picked out with eyesight based on instructions printed on a piece of paper.
  • -Since people have to check carefully the accuracy of each preparation with eyesight to make sure, this task becomes very time-consuming.

Deployment Overview

QR codes on a medicine preparation instruction are scanned in. A medicine preparation instruction is received from a server. RSS codes on actual medicine are read in and matched with the data.

Advantageous effects of introducing the system

  • -Prevention of mistakes in preparing medicines through data matching
  • -Reduction of the time required for preparing medicines
  • -Double checking of a medicine preparation is possible with eyesight through comparisons of chosen medicines with images shown on the screen of a device.

Barcode Handy Terminal (Compact Models)


Barcode Handy Terminal (Compact Models)