Problems with data entry

  • -Since test data used to be filled in medical consultation forms manually first, it was time consuming to input these data to a host computer system.
  • -Sometimes errors were made in carrying out medical tests in the prescribed sequence, or some tests were overlooked.

Deployment Overview

A medical consultation form with a QR code on it is sent to a patient. Before measurements of each test are taken, the QR code on the medical consultation form is read in with a handheld terminal unit. When each test is finished, measurements taken in it are sent to the handheld terminal unit as well. After both data (patient ID information and measurement data) are coupled, they are sent to a server. The measurements are also printed out on a label, and this label is affixed to the medical consultation form.

Advantageous effects of introduction

  • -Since test results are sent to a server in real time, data input work can be cut down drastically.
  • -Errors in data transfer can be eliminated.
  • -Since detailed checking function is implemented in the handheld terminal,errors such as overlooked tests and mixed-up test sequence can be prevented preemptively.

2D Code Handy Terminal (Compact Models)


2D Code Handy Terminal (Large Screen Models)