Cloud solution services utilizing QR Code, such as traceability, genuine check, payment, coupon point and security.

What is Q-revo®

Cloud solution services such as traceability, genuine check, payment, coupon point and security, utilizing Q platform which can generate, distribute and decode QR Code, FrameQR and SQRC, and QR Code Reader “Q”.

Q-revo® Features

Q-revo service consists of QR Code Reader “Q”, Q platform and New QR Code.

Appropriate QR Code can be selected according to their intended use. Able to offer easy-to-understand, secure entry points to comsumers.

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Accumulating data logs can allow visualization of user trends and resulting effects. These can then be applled to marketing analysis.

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A variety of codes can be read instantry: Barcode, QR Code, FrameQR, SQRC, QR Code creation and AR playback functions are also included.

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Q-revo® Services

Start your traceability service using QR Code® and smartphones

Offer product trustwothiness and safety via traceability information, leading to increased sales!

Q-revo® series launch schedule

Genuine product confirmation, easy payment / point service, coupon delivery, and entrance / exit control service will be launched.

Q-revo® certify   Q-revo® pay/point
Genuine product confirmation service using QR Code®. Easy payment / point service using QR Code®
Q-revo® coupon Q-revo® access
Coupon delivery service using QR Code® Entrance and exit control service using QR Code®

What is Q-revo traceTM

Through tracing, which utilizes QR Codes and the cloud, you can visualize distribution from the manufacturer to the consumer. With this “traceability” service, customers can easily see who did the manufacturing, when things shipped, and through what route they arrived, all from their smartphones.


  • Enhance your brand value
    • You can increase the brand value of your products by certifying production areas and showing off their high quality. You can provide high added value products to consumers.
  • Connect consumers and manufacturers
    • Manufacturers can deliver their thoughts and cares over the particulars of products to customers. Consumers can choose safe and reliable products upon seeing the faces of their makers.
  • Deliver safety and reliable
    • Through FrameQR, which provides issuance management using Q-revo, and holograms, illegal fakes can prevented. Through trace data, your can provide safe and authentic products.

QR Code Reader “Q” is the smartphone application developed by arara inc. and DENSO WAVE INC.