Communication Interface

We develop products that can be connected to various network systems - both open standard and proprietary - through our communication technology hardware and firmware expertise.

  • Communication interface circuit design
  • Communication firmware design
SpacerApplicable Networks
  • BACnet®(1)
  • DeviceNet™(2)
  • Ethernet®(3)
  • EtherNet/IP™(4)
  • LONWORKS®(5)
  • Various types of Wireless communications
  • DeviceNet
SpacerDesign Skills
  • Circuit simulation
  • Noise-proof design
  • Long-life design
  • Software development methods
  • Controller knowledge
  • Knowledge of controller operating condition


  1. BACnet® is a registered trademark of American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE).
  2. DeviceNet™ DeviceNet logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of ODVA(Open DeviceNet Vender Association, Inc).
  3. Ethernet® is a registerd trademark of Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd in Japan.
  4. EtherNet/IP™ is a trademark of ControlNet International, Ltd. under license by Open DeviceNet Vendor Associates, Inc.
  5. Echelon®, LONWORKS® are trademarks of Echelon Corporation registered in the United States and other countries.
  6. PROFIBUS logo is a registered trademark of PROFIBUS Nutzerorganisation e.V.