Vol.1 What is Singapore!?

What kind of things do you imagine on Singapore? I would like to introduce Singapore briefly since I would have understood Singapore with residing more then 2.5 years.

Singapore is located at the tip of the Malay Peninsula, mostly directly under the equator and area is almost as large as Lake Biwa in Japan. However, population is about 5 millions and the population density is ranked 2nd in the world, following Monaco. Singapore had been independent from Malaysia in 1965, developed greatly by all Prime Minister's strong leadership, and, now, has exceeded Japan by GDP (gross domestic product). Moreover, people of the Chinese(75%), Malay(15%), and Indian(8%), various races, and religion are living together. Thus, the country of Singapore is very active has diversity. I would like to introduce Singapore a little more deeply.

Fine city

This “fine” means fine as beauty and fine as penalty. A fine is imposed if you litter rubbishes or you don’t flash at bathroom for examples. Incidentally, chewing gum is not sold at Singapore and nobody can carry it into Singapore. Although I think that it is due to possibility someone may throw away, Singapore is carrying out through restriction. On the other hands. Because a street is well planted, it is making the shade in hot Singapore and creates a quiet atmosphere.

Many kind of meals

Many kind of meals

There is a lot of kind of restaurants in Singapore, which would be called Food Heaven. At the stall (Hawker Center) like The Singapore, you can be very full with nice local food in 5 dollars (about 300 yen), and there are many restaurants from all over the world at high-end to low-end. Japanese style meal is also very popular. Not only sushi and tempura(very popular globally), but ramen noodles and the fast food are substantial. The shopping center where many younger generations will be gathered has the food court with only Japanese style ramen. Besides, a curry shop, beef-bowl, BBQ, and family-restaurant which are the origin in Japan are as well. Incidentally, although we(Japanese) may sometimes see a kind of funny Japanese style meal, it would be, you know・・・. As a Singapore national meal, it would be mainly seafood or chicken base meal because there are people in various religions. It would be famous as Singapore food which is Chili-club and Chicken-rice. I must say that any local restaurants are low price and much nicer than any restaurants with a menu in Japanese or introduced on tour guide.

Sight seeing

Till several years before, probably because the tourist's repeater decreased, the resort development is progressing aggressively in this several years.

Sentosa island: Sentosa-island had been existing as a resort island from before. Universal Studios and a casino opened in 2010. There is a big crowd around Roulette and baccarat with a high rate, which makes us recognize remarkable popularity in a casino. Incidentally, Singaporeans have to pay the admission fee of 100 dollars and can also register as a ban on entrance by the family. Foreigners can enter with free of charge.

Marina bay Sands

Marina bay Sands: It is the hotel with the pool formed like ship in the roof, which became famous by the TV commercial in Japan. The Sands hotel in Las Vegas in the USA manages this hotel. Many tourists are visiting also from Japan. Although there are a shopping mall, a convention center, a casino, etc. on the outskirts, it seems to be still under developmental stage. However, it became a landmark of Singapore as soon as it opened in 2010.

Singapore F1GP: It is F1 Grand Prix held from 2008 at the end of September. A part of city area is blocked to make a circuit, and, moreover, this is only night race on F1 event. It would big advantage to enjoy driving by private car before and after GP. Of course, you still have to follow traffic rule, though.


Merlion, Night Safari: This is traditional sight seeing spot in Singapore.