Vol.1 New plant in Malaysia !

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Vol.1 New plant in Malaysia !

New plant in Malaysia !

"We will make a new electronics plant in Malaysia!" said a manager. Despite other people's skepticism due to the belief that Malaysia is only a resort area, the manager said proudly, "We will make the Malaysia project a success", and left for his new post in Malaysia. For the past eight years since then, we have built and continually refined a world-class manufacturing facility.

Located in the heart of Southeast Asia, Malaysia is divided into two main regions, Peninsular Malaysia and Borneo Island. It has a multiethnic population of approximately 20 million, consisting of Malays, Chinese, Indians and etc. Islam is the country's official religion, although the constitution guarantees freedom of religion.

Malaysia's industry includes manufacturing of electronic products, agriculture and forestry for rubber cultivation, and mining of tin and crude petroleum. For one more thing, tourism is emerging as a major industry. Magazine titles such as "Malaysia, Dream Resort" have been published writing about new Malaysian resort hotels that feature Malaysian culture and wild nature.


Attractive pewter, a souvenir from a staff member who returned from the Malaysia Plant. (Tin product made by Royal Selangor Co.)

Let us go back to the Malaysia Plant

Pray Room

You can see many unique features caring about Malaysian culture and the employees all over the plant. Because the majority of the employees are Malays, there are many facilities specially designed for Muslims such as a small mosque called the "Pray Room" and room to perform ablution before they pray. Adequate consideration is given to the faith of our Muslim employees who pray five times a day to respect Allah.


Talking of Muslims, most people will think of a woman's scarf. There are many female employees wearing scarves in the Malaysia Plant. Their colorful scarves make one realize the tropical atmosphere. Operators on the electronic product assembly line are obliged to wear antistatic clothing, so antistatic scarves are prepared for Muslim women. Our products have been manufactured with the greatest care to maintain product quality.


Malaysian food culture is greatly reflected in the menu of the cafeteria. A large variety of dishes are offered daily. Especially, selection of curry dishes is so wide that Japanese staff cannot tell the difference. Such variety of dishes is surely the envy of many Asian food lovers.

Writer: Controller Business Division E.K