DENSO WAVE's Senior Management Organization

[ Jun.13.2017 ]

We would like to inform you of our senior management organization, which were approved at the shareholders meeting and the board of directors meeting in June. These changes were effective June on 13th, 2017.

Board of Directors/Corporate Auditor

President Hiroyasu Nakagawa
Executive Director Hitoshi Tsuzuku
Executive Director Koji Fujiyosh
Executive Director Ryoji Nagashima
Executive Director Hideto Naito (new)
Executive Director Yasuhiro Kakihara
Corporate Auditor Katsuyuki Kuki (new)
Corporate Auditor Katsuhisa Shimokawa

Corporate Officers

TitleNameMain organizational responsibility
Chief Executive Officer Hiroyasu Nakagawa
Senior Managing Executive Officer Hitoshi Tsuzuku Audit& CSR Adminstration Department, Corporate Planning Division, H.R.& General Admin Division
Managing Executive Officer and Chief Technical Officer Koji Fujiyoshi R&D Division, Information Strategy Planning Division, Quality Assurance Division, Innovation Project Team
Managing Executive Officer Ryouji Nagashima Customer Service Division
Managing Executive Officer Hideto Naito Production Group
Executive Officer Nobuyuki Tamaki Tokyo Representative, Sales Group
Executive Officer Katsuhiko Toji Auto-ID Business Unit, System Solution Group
Executive Officer Masahiro Kamiya (new) IoT Promotion Division, Controller Business Unit
Executive Officer Junichiro Kanamori(new) Robot Business Unit