Environmental Effort

Environmental Policy


Each of us at DENSO WAVE should be well aware of the importance of preserving the environment and play one’s role in promoting environmental protection by actively participating in ecological activities to make DENSO WAVE widely recognized as an eco-friendly company that fully takes social responsibility.


  1. With our total approach to the environmental conservation and enhanced measures for global environmental issues as a member of DENSO Group, we will fulfill our responsibilities for the establishment of efficient environmental mechanism and the improvement of consolidated environmental management.
    In this regard, we will respect all the environment-related laws, regulations, agreements and requirements agreed upon by the company.
  2. To minimize the potential environmental impact on the products of DENSO WAVE during our business operations from production, use in the market and to disposal, we are devoted to developing and designing eco-friendly products by giving due consideration to environmental issues.
  3. To reduce environmental impact that may adversely affect our daily business activities, we will set a numerical target for environmental performance in the level of resource and energy saving as well as the reduction of environmental load, thereby allowing us to proceed with our environmental conservation challenges.
  4. We are contributed to the improvement of environment as a member of global society by further promoting cooperation with other companies and also being an information source across all industries, while extending our efforts to facilitate communication with local communities and provide educational programs to help employees better understand environmental issues.
This Environmental Policy is applied to both inside and outside of the company.