Industrial Robots

6- Axis RobotsVS Series VS-050/060

5-and 6-Axis robots

■Dust & Mistproof type

Item Unit Spec
Model of robot unit - VS-050 VS-060
Axis - 6
Position detection - Absolute encoder
Drive motor and brake - AC servomotors for all joints,Brake for all joints
Overall arm length(first arm+second arm) mm 505(250+255) 605(305+300)
Maximum motion area of point P mm 505 605
Motion angle J1 ° ±170(※4)
J2 ±120
J3 +151,-120 +155,-125
J4 ±270
J5 ±120
J6 ±360
Maximum payload kg 4
Maximum composite speed(at the center of an end-effector mounting face) mm/sec 9,080(RC8),9,000(RC7) 9,390(RC8),9,000(RC7)
Cycle time(*1) sec 0.35(RC8),0.37(RC7)
Position repeatability (at the center of
an end-effector mounting face)(※2)
mm ±0.02
Maximum allowable inertia moment J4,J5 kg 0.2
J6 0.05
Maximum allowable moment J4,J5 Nm 6.66
J6 3.13
Signal lines & Air pipimg
Signal line - 10 lines(for proximity sensor signals,etc.)(※5)
Air piping(※3) - 5 systemes(φ4×4,4×1)
2 x solenoid valves(2 positions,double solenoids)
Air source Operating pressure Mpa 0.20~0.39
Maximum allowable 0.49
Airborne noise(A-weighted e quivalent continuous
sound pressure level)
dB 65 or less
Protection degree - IP54(Wrist:IP65)
Weight kg Approx.27


*1:Time required for a robot to lift an object to a height of 25mm and move back and forth between two locations 300mm apart.
*2:Position repeatability is the value at constant ambient temperature.
*3:Only the φ4x4 air piping system may be controlled by built-in solenoid valves.
*4:Limited motion when wall mounted.
*5:Subject to allowable-current limitations.