Notification of HS series discontinuance

[ Aug.09.2017 ]

Thank you for your patronage of DENSO Robotics. In an effort to deliver enhanced products, we have decided to discontinue the production and sales of the following HS series.

Discontinued production model

1. List of discontinued production model

  • HS-45***/RC8・RC8A series
  • HS-45***-W/RC8・RC8A series
  • HS-45***-P10/RC8・RC8A series
  • HS-45***-UL/RC8・RC8A series
  • HSS-45***/RC8・RC8A series
  • HSS-45***-W/RC8・RC8A series

2. Schedule

The deadline for placing final non-returnable purchase orders is December 28th, 2017.

The dispatch date from DNWA Agui Plant must be scheduled no later than the end of March 2018.

The last day of shipments for spare / repair parts for these products is the end of March 2028.

While we regret any inconvenience this may cause, we are pleased to announce that we have alternate products using similar designs which provide an improved functionality to the discontinuing products on the table below.

4.Robot model correspondence table

HS series Discontinued modelHS-A1 series Successor modelOptions
HS-45***/RC8・RC8A HS0**A1-N**-NNN-NNNNN-NNNN /RC8A -
HS-45***-W/RC8・RC8A HS0**A1-N**-W5N-NNNNN-NNNN /RC8A Dust- and Splashproof
HS-45***-P10/RC8・RC8A HS0**A1-N**-C3N-NNNNN-NNNN /RC8A Cleanroom
HS-45***-UL/RC8・RC8A HS0**A1-N**-NNU-NNNNN-NNNN /RC8A UL-listed
HSS-45***/RC8・RC8A HS0**A1-S**-NNN-NNNNN-NNNN /RC8A Ceiling mount
HSS-45***-W/RC8・RC8A HS0**A1-S**-W5N-NNNNN-NNNN /RC8A Ceiling mount, Dust- and Splashproof